Packing Tape 

Raw materialBOPP Film
Dimensions4,5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt / 4,8cm X 1000mt ~ 800 mt / 5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt
Thickness (micron)36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ
Heat Resistance-20°C > 60°C
OverviewStrong PP carrier
Usage areasHard bond strength
 Easy and fast use
 environmentally friendly
 Box closure,Pack closure,Nylon and plastic
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1 Packing Tape
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bantlar Packing Tape
Carrier Colour Glue Thickness Heat  Resistance
BOPP Film Transparent Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
  • The first company in Turkey to manufacture acrylic packaging tape.
  • BonaBant manufactures all of its propackings using the latest technology.
  • 20 million meters squared Packaging line
  • Packaging is conpackinged by a fully automated process with zero-contact.


  • Strong band
  • Packaging in any color
  • eco-friendly
  • Color resistant to fading and erasing
  • Possibility for packaging from 40 to 1000 meters.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is generally used by the packing experts to prevent spillage and damage of the materials packed in the boxes, in high and low temperatures. Due to its high & durable adhesion features, the industrial packaging tape is adopted in the cargo field all over the world and utilized on all types of cartons and surfaces. Packing tapes can be used manually, with adhesion tools or machines.


Dimensions of Packing Tapes

Although packing tapes have different lengths and sizes, 100 meters length and 45mm width is generally the most preferred dimension. This standard specification (45mm x 100 m) is produced in a way to fit the size of the boxes`s cover in order to ensure a perfect closure, thanks to its wide width.

However, there is other dimensions of packing tapes according to each region`s most used specification. We are able to provide our clients a large choice of dimensions & colors. These adhesive tapes can be customized and used either by a packing tape machine or by hand. Generally, companies use a packing tape machine to seal the boxes quickly. The appropriate product for the sealing machine is the Jumbo tape : From 300m to 1000m.

Packaging tapes can be printed and colored as well. Firms use the printed tapes for the reason of establishing a brand awareness internally and externally. In fact, Printing the logo or the brand name on adhesive tapes can be used as a free advertisement and improve the recognition of the company. Plus, It helps corporate companies to express their identities and increase the recognition of their brands.

As a fast growing company, Bonabant continues to be the leader in its field by customizing its products for all kind of businesses and offering a large range of products. Innovation is one of our principales. Moreover, Bonabant`s serie of products can be produced in any color and dimension. Undoubtedly, there is a price difference between standard tape and printed one so in order to get detailed information, please get in touch with our sales team.

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