Hotmelt Tape

Carrier BOPP Film
Dimensions 4,5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt / 4,8cm X 1000mt ~ 800 mt / 5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt
Thickness 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ
Colors Transparent
Heat Resistance -20°C > 60°C
Overview Strong PP carrier
Usage areas Hard bond strength
  Easy and fast use
  environmentally friendly
  Box closure,Pack closure,Nylon and plastic
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Carrier Colour Glue Thickness Heat  Resistance
BOPP Film Transparent Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ-20°C > 80°C
  • BonaBant is the most technological Tape Packaging Facility in Turkey
  • The first company in Turkey to manufacture acrylic packaging tape.
  • BonaBant manufactures all of its propackings using the latest technology.
  • 20.000 million meters squared Packaging line
  • Packaging is conpackinged by a fully automated process with zero-contact.


•  Strong bond power

•  Packaging in any color

•  Nature friendly

•  Color resistant to fading and erasing

•  Possibility for packaging from 40 to 1.000 meters.

Hotmelt Tape

Hotmelt tape is generally used for closing packages during cargo operations in our country. For this reason, it is actively used by companies that continuously carry out cargo operations. Our company produces hotmelt tapes in different sizes and lengths with reasonable prices.Hotmelt tapes also come to the forefront by engraving their names or logos on hotmelt tape in order to create a logo or corporate impression by companies. For this reason, Hotmelt tapes, which are of great importance especially for companies, are produced by our company with and without printing, and provide completely customer-oriented

What are the Advantages and Prices of Using Hotmelt Tape?

Hotmelt tape is used in order to prevent the products inside from being damaged by closing cardboard, nylon, etc. products to be shipped in a healthy way.For this reason, Hotmelt tape has a very important place for companies or individual users who are interested in cargo transactions. Our company produces Hotmelt tape as first class. In addition, it carries out production with or without printing according to the demands of the companies.Hotmelt tape prices vary according to the number of tapes, as well as whether the material to be produced is printed or unprinted. For this reason, we can say that printed Hotmelt tapes are a little more expensive than unprinted ones.In addition, another factor that adds Hotmelt tape prices is the number of tapes to be purchased. The higher the number of tapes to be taken into production, the more affordable the price will be. For this reason, in order to give clear information about the price, you can contact our company and get a clear information about the price by informing that the Hotmelt tape type you prefer will be printed or unprinted and the price of the tape to be produced.Our company keeps the product quality at the forefront by using first class materials for the wholesale production of Hotmelt tape.