Printed Tape

CarrierBOPP Film
Dimensions4,5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt / 4,8cm X 1000mt ~ 800 mt / 5cm X 50mt ~ 1000 mt
Thickness36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ / 47µ
Colorscolor + logo
Heat Resistance‘-20°C > 80°C
OverviewStrong PP carrier
Usage areasStrong adhesion
 environmentally friendly
 company image
 providing a corporate look
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1 Printed Tape
2 Printed Tape
3 Printed Tape
bantlar Printed Tape
  •  The first company in Turkey to manufacture acrylic packaging tape.
  •  BonaBant manufactures all of its propackings using the latest technology.
  •  20 million meters squared Packaging line
  •  Packaging is conpackinged by a fully automated process with zero-contact.


  • Strong bond power
  • Packaging in any color
  • Nature friendly
  • Color resistant to fading and erasing
  • Possibility for packaging from 40 to 1000 meters.

Printed Tape

Especially logistics companies prefer printed tapes to distinguish boxes or packages more easily. Printed tapes, which have recently been preferred by companies due to their different usage areas, have become a fast marketplace. Printed tapes also provide advertisement and promotion opportunity. Printed tapes also provide advertisement and promotion opportunity.

What are the Advantages of Using Printed Tape?

Among the biggest advantages of using printed tape, besides having a more corporate structure for your company, you also get the opportunity to advertise and promote free of charge thanks to the printed packaging tape. For this reason, printed packing tape, which is specially prepared for companies, is generally used to fulfill the same functions, although it differs according to its intended use.
In addition, there have been changes in tape prices due to the significant increase in companies that manufacture printed tape in recent years. Those who want to buy printed tape, wholesale printed packing tape, which has become a very wide market place, can take advantage of affordable prices by examining the products they need on our site.
We continue to be the leading company in its field, thanks to our service focused entirely on customer satisfaction. In addition, it is useful to remind that Printed tapes are used for security purposes, among the purposes of use. For this reason, after taping a package or box with its own printed packaging tape, you will also take the security measure by preventing it from being opened by someone else.
In this way, by using printed packaging tapes, you will both take security measures, have free advertising and corporate identity, and leave a very good impression for your company.
We are with you for your acrylic tape needs.