Stretch Film

CarrierBOPP Film
Dimensions4.5cm X300mt / 5cm X300mt
Thickness17µ / 23µ
Heat Resistance–30°C > 80°C
Usage areasstrong endurance
 Puncture resistance
 Packing, Pallet, Protection of Goods
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CarrierColourGlueThicknessHeat  Resistance
BOPP FilmTransparentAcrylic36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film Acrylic36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film Acrylic36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film Acrylic36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ-20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film Acrylic36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ-20°C > 80°C
  • BonaBant is the most technological Tape Packaging Facility in Turkey
  • The first company in Turkey to manufacture acrylic packaging tape.
  • BonaBant manufactures all of its propackings using the latest technology.
  • 20.000 million meters squared Packaging line
  • Packaging is conpackinged by a fully automated process with zero-contact.


• Strong bond power

• Packaging in any color

• Nature friendly

• Color resistant to fading and erasing

• Possibility for packaging from 40 to 1.000 meters.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is one of the most important tools that make our life easier. As time goes by, the area of ​​use of the stretch film area has expanded considerably and has taken its place among the packaging types that are widely used throughout the world.Stretch film provides protection to propackings up to -30 and +80 degrees under normal conditions. Due to the elastic structure of the stretch film, it wraps the propacking used in the most effective way and provides the most effective protection against the deterioration. While stretch film is used for packaging propackings, it is also used for preserving small propackings.

What are the Stretch Film Prices and Advantages?

Although the stretch film differs according to the material of the quality produced, there are reasonable price opportunities for those who want to buy stretch wholesale on our site. At the same time, it is possible to find a stretch machine according to its usage areas. The advantages of stretch film, on the other hand, are to preserve the product used in a better way and to protect it longer than normal. In addition, you can easily find products such as a stretch film cutter to cut the stretch and you can get all the stretch products you need.Stretch wrapping machine is among the most preferred products by large companies. In addition, due to the ease of use and the advantages it offers, the stretching machine has a wide area of ​​use. You can easily supply the product you want due to reasonable price opportunities in wholesale stretch purchases.You can also review our Acrylic tapes.