Jumbo Coil

Carrier BOPP Film
Dimensions 4.5cm X 800 m / 5cm X 800 m
Thickness 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ
Colors Yellow / Transparent / Orange / Tan
Heat Resistance ‘-20°C > 80°C
Overview Strong PP carrier
  Fast Adhesion
  Strong Conservatism
Usage areas Box closure
  Box closing, Packaging closing

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bantlar Jumbo Coil

Carrier Colour Glue Thickness Heat  Resistance
BOPP Film Transparent Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ -20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ -20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ -20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ -20°C > 80°C
BOPP Film   Acrylic 36µ / 38µ / 40µ / 42µ / 45µ -20°C > 80°C
  • BonaBant is the most technological Tape Packaging Facility in Turkey
  • The first company in Turkey to manufacture acrylic packaging tape.
  • BonaBant manufactures all of its propackings using the latest technology.
  • 20.000 million meters squared Packaging line
  • Packaging is conpackinged by a fully automated process with zero-contact.


  • Strong bond power
  • Packaging in any color
  • Nature friendly
  • Color resistant to fading and erasing
  • Possibility for packaging from 40 to 1.000 meters.

Jumbo coil options have more than one type according to the use in different areas such as packaging process, printing process, laboratory.

Jumbo coils, which are completely tailored to the needs, our propackings have different types of printing, including digital printing and inkjet. You can also choose hot and cold press jumbo coils.

Jumbo coils are used for gift packaging, flower packaging, cargo packaging, etc. It is preferred for very durable and long-lasting uses, as well as having more than one type that is suitable for use in almost every area of ​​​​our life.

Wholesale Jumbo Coil

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